Go Paperless with Access*Online!

ASSOCIATED HEALTHCARE Credit Union supports a greener planet by encouraging our members to go paperless. It's easy to enroll in E-Statements thru Access*Online. While you're in there you can pay bills electronically, and look up your account balances & credit card transactions 24 hours a day. You can even check the balance of your accounts via our Mobile Banking utility.

Save time, save money, and save the planet by going paperless. Call us today if you have questions about making the switch! 

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Bill Pay
Set up bills from your checking account that automatically get paid and sent out either by check or electronically. Access Bill Payment to create new payees and schedule payments. Payments may be set up as a single payment or recurring payments.

When setting up new payees, you can do it electronically or manually. You will need to have available the payee name, address, telephone and account number from your bill. You are able to pay anything from utilities, car and house payments, credit cards, or even allowances, daycare or school expenses.

Stock Quote
Customize your own stock portfolio.

This utility allows you to export your financial institution account information into a formatted file. The file will be downloaded onto your hard drive where it will be available for you to import into a personal financial management software program such as Quicken™ or MS Money™.

Visa Online
After logging in you are able to see your recent activity on your credit union credit card. It shows you current payments and where you have spent your money. Features available are:
  • Card History: access the last months billing statement, plus it will tell you the interest that you’ve paid so far this year, and the total amount of interest that was paid in the prior year.
  • Pay My Bill: Allows you to pay your credit card on-line from any checking or savings account.
  • Card Profile: Allows you to add a credit card from the credit union to make payments on or look at the credit card history.
  • Card Holder Care: Links to pay your bill, report your card lost/stolen and it gives you the mailing address to VISA to make their payments by mail.

Receive your monthly/quarterly statement electronically, no waiting for the mail! You will be notified by an e-mail that your statement is ready for viewing, then you will need to log into Access Online and go to the Online Service tab. This feature will store up to 12 months of statements. 

When first logging into Access Online you will need to use the last four digits of the primary account holder's social security number, then you will be prompted to create a password. After logging in, note the text menu along the side of the page. You can use these options to navigate the website, scheduling money transfers, setting up automatic notifications, and more.

Protecting your data. Our Access*Online data center performs bimonthly maintenance checks. Our goal is to keep all the hardware and software in your data center current and in working order. Maintenance checks may sometimes affect your online access, so these checks are scheduled mid-week and late at night when online activity is slowest.